February 21, 2016


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Lot 209: Kaz Oshiro

Lot 209: Kaz Oshiro

Trash Bin #9 (Pink/White)

Acrylic on stretched canvas
Signed, dated, and titled in black felt-tip marker
39.75" x 20" x 20"
Provenance: Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, California;
Private Collection, Los Angeles, California
Exhibited: "Subpar," Steven Wolf Fine Arts, San Francisco, 2006
Illustrated: Kaz Oshiro: Common Noise. P. Beausse, et al. 2007. 52. Literature: "Kaz Oshiro at Steven Wolf Fine Arts." G. Helfand. Artforum. May 2006. N.pag.
Estimate: $20,000 - $30,000
Inventory Id: 21209

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By "monumentalizing the mundane," as one critic put it, Kaz Oshiro (born 1967) has drawn comparisons to Andy Warhol and other Pop artists with his signature, uncannily realistic sculptural representations of everyday accoutrements. And yet the Los Angeles-based artist goes a step further. Oshiro finishes his pieces with scuffs, scratches, and scrapes–"abstract marks," he calls them–that suggest the object has lived through years of use. If this is trompe l'œil trickery, Oshiro is an illusionist who is happy to reveal his secrets: he leaves one side of an assemblage open so as to expose its means of construction, a generous artistic gesture allowing the viewer to participate in the creative process.

Oshiro's work draws on a range of influences beyond Pop–among them Minimalism, Abstraction, and Conceptualism–and resists easy categorization. Like those of Lucio Fontana and Richard Pettibone, Oshiro's pieces occupy a middle ground between painting and sculpture. He employs the materials of painting including canvas, acrylics, wooden boards, and framing, to create sculptural objects such as the three archetypal works in this sale: Trash Bin #9 (Pink/White), Bumper #3, and Microwave Oven #4.

Oshiro's work has been exhibited by such public art institutions as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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